I have always had a very active life, before as an elite gymnast and now as Golf Professional, and I know how important it is to give my body the right fuel to be able to perform on a top level. This is why I got very interested when I met Fabian Allemann and he introduced the „Vital-Force-Speichelanalyse”. From the analysis I got all sorts of information about everything missing in my body that might inhibit my performance on the course, in the gym and in my everyday life. After just a month of taking the personalized HCK and Chlorella I feel more focused on the golf course as well as more energized and stronger in the gym. I am continuously lowering my body fat percentage and building more musclemass needed to improve my swing. Fabian Allemann is a great coach and really knows what he is doing and I can definitely recommend this to everyone!

Lina Elmsäter

PGA GOLF Professional
GC Troxhammer
HCP 0,7